Marketing Imperatives in the 21st Century

Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, we have seen very high levels of transformation happening across organizations in every industry. Marketing has been in focus for everyone. The changes in the very nature of doing business have resulted in Smarter Marketing. Though many small and medium sized organizations don’t have a robust marketing function, Smarter Marketing has empowered them to compete with large organizations effectively.

Companies of every size need to heed the key imperatives of marketing:

  • Listening
  • Create a system of engagement
  • Create an authentic brand and culture

Listening is essential to understand the target audience. It can be done through the help of the digital and social media or through employee roundtables. Creating a system of engagement brings together all functions in an organization and puts the client at the heart of the engagement. This is important as it enables the client to experience the brand seamlessly. Finally, the process of forging an authentic brand and culture creates organizations which are culturally sound and bring forth brand advocates.

In the following video, Virginia Sharma, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, IBM India/South Asia talks about the three marketing imperatives for businesses.

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