Welcome to ImperaTives 2012

The Leader

Today, competition is fierce and rules of business are volatile. Innovation and evolution have been pushed to the limits by companies trying to remain competitive. The companies who are able to adapt are riding the waves of success. Those who cannot are left behind. In this scenario, leaders are often pressed to stay on top of the game. But it’s not an easy task. They need to constantly juggle between the latest threat and imminent opportunities to keep their business on track.

The question is: How do leaders know that they are doing the right thing?

In a nutshell, businesses have to evolve or die. They have to be agile enough to respond to external stimuli while being able to stay true to their strategic vision. Leaders and decision makers need to be able to leverage and trust information to make decisions with greater confidence – while staying ahead of the competition.

Leaders need to focus on the larger picture – the business imperatives of today’s day and age. Though the nature of business may differ, the underlying principles are always the same.

Today, some of the smartest minds from across India will meet in a timeless setting to discuss the business imperatives of today and how to go about achieving success. Follow the updates here on the blog or follow us on Twitter at @theforwardview.

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