Thank you from ImperaTives 2012

The Audience at ImperaTives 2012

The Audience at ImperaTives 2012

As the march of business moves on without missing a beat, the key drivers and imperatives of business today have changed. No long do the tenets of the industrial age still apply. The paradigm has evolved and rules have changed. Change, competition and challenges are plenty. To navigate this challenging environment, leaders must focus on the business imperatives of today.

But the burning question still remains: What can I do to improve my business?

At ImperaTives 2012, this very question was answered. With keynotes from top leaders from India and abroad, along with expert inputs from Forrester, the three day session kicked off to a thought provoking start. The sessions that followed discussed various topics like Economics, Smarter Computing, IT Infrastructure, Big Data, Smarter Analytics, Smarter Supply Networks, Customer Loyalty, Business Process Management, Cloud, Mobile, Social, Storage, Data Centers and Marketing. It is a long list, but nevertheless a valuable list.

Apart from this, Mekin Maheshwari from Flipkart also shared his inspirational Flipkart story.

One key takeaway: It is imperative for leaders to keep in mind the ultimate goal of any business – success. The routes to success may be difficult, but there are numerous innovations available at your disposal to make the path easier.

Thank you for helping us making ImperaTives 2012 a success.

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