IBM Power7+ Tweet Chat

The IT environment throws up challenges constantly. In terms of a company’s IT requirement, the biggest challenges are imminent. Emerging technology trends are making a big impact on the expectations from IT services. The emergence of Big Data, Mobile and Social has changed the IT demands of companies. This goes to show that the IT landscape is fast changing.

In the midst of all that is happening, where does IBM Power 7+ fit in? How does IBM Power7+ address the challenges and enable an organization to speed up with the latest trends? The launch of IBM Power7+ was a success; however these questions along with an insight of the changing IT landscape are crucial.

Hence, we have organized a tweet chat to answer all your questions and clarify all your doubts. We have Dr. Gururaj Rao who would be anchoring the tweet chat and answering all questions with regard to emerging trends, IT requirement challenges and Power7+.

Dr. Gururaj Rao is an IBM Fellow, Systems Chief Engineer, IBM Systems & Technology Group.

Dr. Gururaj Rao’s twitter handle is @rao_gururaj. You can join the conversation on twitter by using #Power7+.The tweet chat is scheduled for the 22nd of March, 3-4:30 PM(IST). We look forward to your active participation.

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