Evolution from IT to BT

Manish Bahl at ImperaTives 2012

Manish Bahl at ImperaTives 2012

The way technology has been managed is changing. The parameters that matter have changed and bottlenecks in harnessing technology can often sound the demise of a healthy organization. Other factors that matter are the increasing expectations of customers in today’s world.

Manish Bahl, Vice President and Country Manager, India of Forrester Research spoke at ImperaTives 2012 today about how companies can prepare themselves for the new era. He discussed about how these organizations can equip themselves – both in terms of skill sets and mind sets, for the new era.

Here are a few points from his presentation:

The age of the customer and current wave of technology is changing the way Information Technology is utilized. From the industrial era and the time of mainframe computing, we have come a long way through personal computing and network computing to smart computing today.

Today, we have a perfect opportunity with the confluence of mobile, social, analytics, smart computing and cloud technologies. Working in tandem, these technologies can create an inflection point to propel organizations to the next era.

However, there needs to be a shift in Information Technology to make this possible. It is true that IT is often aligned to business needs. However, this may not be enough. This passive alignment will not be able to contribute as much as a symbiotic relationship between IT and business. This symbiotic relationship is termed as ‘Business Technology’.

Business technology is the way of the future.

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