2012: The Year in Review

2012 has been a very eventful year for the technology sector. There have been many technologies that have taken hold and others are gaining momentum. Some innovations are potential game changers and others have enabled other paradigm shifting advances.

IBM MidMarket and The Forward View have been at the forefront of these developments. By keeping track of the latest developments in the world of technology and understanding the pulse of the social audience, we presented several useful and informative experiences on our social channels.

In celebration of the success and keeping a forward view, we have for you the highlights of the four most prominent experiences in the year gone by.


Tweet Chat (#ITpriorities2013)


By leveraging the power of Twitter, we conducted our first tweet chat on 6th December, 2012. We brought together three IBM subject matter experts to discuss significant trends like cloud, security and virtualization with our social network. The tweet chat centered on the IT priorities for 2013. The participants learned from the IBM subject matter experts – Dr. Gururaj Rao (@rao_gururaj), Srikrishnan Soundarajan (@srisundararajan) and Sujeet Pramanik (@sujeetpramanik). Over the course of the hour, many participants shared their opinions and learned about the latest developments and best practices.


Engines of the Week

Engines of the Week - VIT

Engines of the Week - Confianz

Many organizations have implemented IBM solutions in India and have benefited greatly. These organizations operate in a global economy and cater to a diverse set of customers. They often face challenges to growth and agility while responding to market stimuli. They have to answer questions from technological and strategic perspectives that can make or break their efforts for success. Being such powerhouses, it is not difficult to see that these companies are indeed the engines of a smarter planet.

We showcased several such organizations and portrayed their stories on our social networks.

ImperaTives 2012

ImperaTives 2012

Innovation and evolution continue to keep business moving forward at breakneck speeds. The rules of business have changed and competition is fierce. In this volatile environment, leaders are often faced with a pressing question: “How can I keep my businesses on track?”

To help businesses succeed, ImperaTives 2012 was conducted in Jaipur this year. The event focused on the bigger picture – the business imperatives of today’s day and age. The forum enabled leaders and industry experts to discuss the changing paradigm of business and learn about new advances that have changed the way we do business.

Virtualization Fitness Challenge

Virtualization Fitness Challenge


Virtualization as a concept is based on proven technologies. However, many IT professionals still do not have a solid understanding of its benefits and advantages. They often express their doubts through statements like: “I didn’t realize virtualization could improve my IT infrastructure” or “I don’t understand the need to virtualize my system.”

To address this need and equip IT professionals with the knowledge and resources required to tackle virtualization, we launched the ‘Virtualization Fitness Challenge’ on our Facebook page. Through a specially designed experience we helped the participants gauge their understanding and provided customized resources to improve their knowledge. Apart from unlocking badges, participants can also win gift vouchers redeemable at Croma.

This contest is live till 15th January, 2013. You can visit this link to participate and stand a chance to win Croma vouchers up to Rs.10, 000!

What’s in store?

As we march steadily into the new year, there is a world of opportunity awaiting businesses in every industry. With technological innovations that have potentially redefined the mechanics of commerce, the rules of business are constantly evolving. The only way companies can thrive is by adapting and upgrading their knowledge base.

Therefore, it is our imperative to help you understand evolving business dynamics and leverage them effectively for success. You can stay up to date with the latest information in the world of enterprise technology and benefit from our expertise on our blog, Facebook page and Twitter channel.

We wish you a very happy new year!


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